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You know everything there is to know about your product or services and now your site is all set and ready to show off to the world. But if no one in the world knows about your site, services or wonderful products you have to offer, it might as well not be there. This is when Eraatech Fpoos come in. The world of SEO is forever changing with Googles algorithms and new best practices, though with all this change one thing will always be the same, the worst marketing companies out there will chase these current trends of SEO and “algo chase” only to fall at the slightest alteration and have all the work clients paid for, end up useless and worst still, in most cases doing more harm to your site than good. The best marketing firms know what will be here forever and steer your site clear from anything that will ever be deemed harmful to your pursuit of top level rankings. Yes this can take more effort but it is the only way to ensure your company or brand is constantly heading in the right direction.

Eraatech Fpoos has helped rank hundreds of sites in top positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing and more top search engines. Whatever your budget or outlay, send your requirements across to us today to speak to our SEO professionals about your requirements.

Services we offer:

41_20150204_1914328On site SEO

Site analysis
Keyword Optimisation

Without going into it too much, this is a major part of today’s ranking factors and where it all starts. The foundation for your site appearing high in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) is on site SEO and its the first port of call as its 100% under your control. In the old days it was about keywords and content, nowadays its so much more than that.

We’ll teach you how to optimise your site as it ties in with everything you do onsite forevermore. As well as the staple ingredients like titles and the meta description, modern day essential onsite SEO includes, easy usability and clear navigation, page load speed, minimal browser requests to load full page, site rendering and social sharing ability and much, much more

growth chartOff Site Services

Keyword Research Services
Keyword Research
Keyword Analyses
Market Competition

Now you’ll have a good idea of this already, especially if you have competition in your field. We look at them see what there doing, what works for them, what there ranking for, and just as importantly, what there not ranking for. If you sell TV’s or Sport Equipment or even IT services you’ll know “TV’s”, “buy football top” or “IT services” are your big keywords. Of course the long term plan is to rank well for these and we can offer you that ability. We will also research to see if there are any ‘longer tail’ keywords, “Flat screen TV”, “Childrens football jersey” for example, we can rank you for quicker, which might have gone unnoticed or as there’s less competition, idea being we get you a return on your investment quicker, so hopefully the marketing you do can pay for itself.

Direct Link Building Services with powerful sites
One way link building only with sites deemed useful and relevant
Link exchange, some sites may even ask to do a mutual link exchange, which if done right will work
Web 2.0 Manual writing and submission, to sites of only the best quality, many on own own extensive network
Article writing and submissions, to good quality sites only
Social book marking
Video Creation for Web 2.0 and Video marketing
Edu and Gov links
Wiki Submission, only to good quality non spam sites, many on our own private network
PR submission, our specialty, we have so many close partners we can get you only exclusive networks and sites
Doc Sharing submission
Eraatech Fpoos’s secret formula

Social Media Services

Facebook , twitter marketing
Professional Facebook, twitter theme page/background designs creation
Youtube theme and page creations
Linked In, Pinterest and more social media connections

Social media has never been as important as it is today, so much so you’ll struggle to find any real website online that does not have a Facebook and Twitter page and all the social share buttons for its content. If done right a website can make leaps towards the top from social media if all else is in place.

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Unfortunately as our SEO formula is so effective, complex and sort after we cannot go into exact how we continuously achieve top ranking after top ranking.

If you would like more information on the SEO services we offer please get in touch. We can provide a free quote and we will get in touch with you in two business days.


Any of the above done incorrectly will harm your site and land you in trouble!!! Serious trouble!!!

We accept no liability for people choosing lesser companies than us and getting stung on there investment and effectively sinking there website and having to start again from the beginning

Google is always actively taken down sites deemed to be either spammed by link builders or just not useful to the viewer. If a link to your site found on a few of these “nasty websites” the alarm bells will ring at Google HQ saying your up to no good!!

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